New House, Rock

This proposal is for a new single dwelling. A small two storey house located adjacent to Westcroft on Rock Road, Rock. Comments from a previous pre-planning application have helped to inform this proposal.

Pre-Application comments made specific note to the context of the density of development in the area, design and siting of the dwelling. These key points have been duly considered throughout the design process informing the use, amount, layout, scale and appearance of the dwelling.

At the heart of this proposal there is great importance placed on sustainability and the understanding of location planning and character of the site. A contextual study of the surrounding area has been carried out in an attempt to grasp the style of the dwellings and also the density of dwellings to further inform an appropriate scale and style to fit the setting of the site.

The site is located in the central part of the village of Rock, adjacent to the Pavilion Buildings in which are situated the Post Office and other shops and offices and is on the local bus route. The plot has frontages onto the Rock Road and a lane leading down to a residential area with a couple of new detached houses, which have been built within the past 5 years. At the rear of the property there is a recently extended property with white rendered finish and a slate tiled pitch roof. On the eastern boundary across the small lane is a detached dormer bungalow which is largely shielded from Westcroft by shrubs, bushes and small trees.

There is no particular or 'typical' architectural style in this area of the village although most of the residential properties are constructed in conventional materials with rendered or stone clad walls, and have slate or artificial material roofs, painted or stained wooden windows and, in the more modem properties, upvc window frames.

The site is located in an established residential area of the village and within the local settlement boundary. As mentioned earlier, it is adjacent to the Post Office, other shops and restaurant, and within easy walking distance of the other shops in the village, the Methodist chapel, the Rock Institute and other facilities therefore well situated location for residential housing. It is also on the route of the local bus service.

As the site is quite small to maximize external space around the property the proposal is for a small two storey house subsequently reducing the footprint over a bungalow. There will be a garage and an area of permeable driveway the rest of the site will be left as lawn space with the large hedge retained as a strong visual barrier from the public realm.

As mentioned previously, the design demands that the proposed scheme reflects the character and enhances the quality of the area. Therefore, extensive consideration of vernacular form, where appropriate, materials and detailing has informed the proposed design. Siting and orientation has also been determined from the constraints of the site and preserving the privacy of adjacent buildings.

In order to respond sensitively to the prevailing style and character of the area, external walls will be finished in a mixture of pained render and locally sourced slate under a natural slate tiled pitched roof.

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