The requirement for this project was firstly to design a detached new house to fit on the northern section of garden adjacent to the original ‘Southleigh’ building.

This would then become the family home and the old building would be demolished, in preparation for a further new house (phase 2) on the southern area of the grounds to be built.

The design of the phase 1 building was for a five bedroom detached family home with integral garage and incorporating a proprietary conservatory/sun lounge at the outset.

The design, style and finish were all to be in keeping with the original building and other buildings in the vicinity, being of concrete roof tiles, clay ridge and hip tiles, painted and rendered walls and white PVCu windows.

The existing access drive was able to be used, with slight alterations to the gradient, for the new dwelling, whilst the existing dwelling used a newly formed access which would form part of the off road parking for phase 2.

Secondly, phase 2 was planned to be built on the southern area of land, once the original building had been demolished. This building was to be a large four bedroom detached dwelling.

As the second phase building would be more prominent (being the front property of the two), it was designed with more character feature items, such as split level elevations, balconies and recessed windows (to avoid overlooking issues).

By designing a split level building, the design was able to incorporate many features, including stone facing to some sections of wall, half and full hipped roofs and longer sections of lean-to style roofs, which would help reduce the overall impact of the building within the grounds.

The design also incorporated a raised patio area, with access from the master bedroom. There were steps leading from the patio level down to the main garden level.

One of the main features of this design was to create an ‘upside-down’ dwelling with the main living areas and kitchen on the upper floor giving panoramic views of the coastline, as was available from the original building.

The project was for a development in a well established area of St Austell and was to utilise an original permission for two dwellings on the plot, only one of which had originally been built. This raised density issues with the Local Authority Planning Department, but following a successful planning appeal, the project was finally approved.

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Refurbishment of Grade II Listed Building

A series of major refurbishment works to buildings within the curtilage of this Grade II Listed Building.

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Extension, St Austell

A single storey extension providing a new bedroom to an existing terraced house.

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Extension, Trewollock

Extension to the side of an existing building.

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