Grade II Listed Barn Conversions

Whilst undertaking major refurbishment works around this Grade II Listed Building estate, the clients brief for this 'L' shaped set of buildings was for full conversion to dwelling of the two-storey apple/potato store, with the double height cow shed being converted into a meeting/function room.

The work required detail drawings of all replacement items, such as doors and windows, to comply with the Local Authority Planning Department and Conservation Officers requirements for buildings in the curtilage of a Listed Building.

The doors and windows in the potato store were of timber frame construction to match existing items, with all work being undertaken by local craftsmen.

Feature window and door sets were designed and built specially for the conversion of the cow shed, to emphasise the existing large vertical openings in the building.

The roof was refurbished with reclaimed Delabole slate, with mitred hips to match other estate buildings. Large timber support posts were brought in to replace existing rotten items, which supported the massive timber roof truss sections.

Original stone sections of the buildings walls were retained and re-pointed with lime mortar. New wall sections, as required, were built of blockwork and stone faced to match and pointed with lime mortar.

Most sections of original cob walling had to be removed as being too unsafe. However, special locally sourced cob blocks were used to the outer face of these areas and finished in a lime wash similar to the original cob.

Due to the Conservation Officer putting tight constraints on the internal features and finishes, insulating the conversions was more difficult than normal. However, with the innovative use of various lining materials and a lathing system following the undulating nature of the walls, the conversion meets all the rigorous requirements of the Building Regulations for conservation of heat and power.

A further requirement of the Local Planning Department was to ensure the buildings were sympathetically built with existing wildlife in mind, i.e. Bats and owls. Therefore, feature bat roosts, constructed in small compartment openings under the ridge tiles were included, together with new owl boxes fixed to a wooded area next to the conversions.

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