Eco House, Trevarrick Road

The previous bungalow was falling into disrepair and badly needed updating to the modern age. Therefore, we proposed a light, airy replacement dwelling with ample private amenity space, including gardens to the rear and side and a generous roof terrace at first floor level.

The new dwelling is larger than the previous bungalow. However, with the lower floor set back into the ground, its visual impact is minimised and the ridge of the new dwelling is 630mm lower than the original bungalow.

Building Type

Eco and ContemporaryHousing

Services Provided


Barn Conversion, Gorran

Our clients have moved into their new home. Looks great!

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New House, Biscovey Road

This contemporary proposal for a new three bedroom house along Biscovey Road, Par is designed with careful consideration to its context.

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Eco Lodges

Sustainable ‘Eco’ Holiday Lodges

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