Eco House, Trevarrick Road

The proposed development is for the demolition of this bungalow and replacement with a two storey five bedroom eco house, which will keep within the ridge height of the original bungalow by having the ground floor set within the sloped topography.

The use of the site is limited, the existing bungalow is currently vacant and falling into disrepair, its appearance is dated and detracts from the locality. As the immediate area is solely residential the site is best suited for a residential dwelling.

The proposed dwelling is of similar layout to the existing dwelling, in that it faces the existing road and is roughly centred on the site however the altered orientation of the new dwelling is thought to bring clarity to the space and align more harmoniously with the surrounding houses.

As the existing garage is also to be demolished, it is proposed to build the new garage on the north boundary of the site facing south onto the driveway.

The layout and design of the site has given a total amenity area of over 500m2, this includes the rear and side gardens as well as the roof terrace. Note: The front planting and parking areas are excluded from this amenity space figure. Specifically private amenity space to the rear of the dwelling measures at around 300m2.

The proposed dwelling is somewhat larger than the existing bungalow in order to meet the needs of the clients, however the impact of this is minimised by the design of the dwelling with the lower floor set into the ground, which minimises its visual impact. The ridge of the new dwelling is 630mm lower than that of the existing and the dwelling has been orientated on the site as such to create a better flow of the street scene. Fenestrations within the dwelling are in proportion to the dwelling without being of an uncomfortable scale to the occupiers.

Consideration has been made to reduce the impact of hard landscaping areas. Between the driveway and the front path three large raised flower beds are to be built to create a break in the paved areas. The driveway is to be built from permeable brick paving allowing surface water to drain in-between joints and reduce surface water run-off. The roof of the lower floor forms a front terrace that more or less accords with the existing paving in front of the existing bungalow.

In addition, thought has been given to the side and rear gardens areas. The garden area along the northern side of the dwelling is to be terraced with the steps running along the wall creating more usable flat areas of garden.

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Eco and ContemporaryHousing

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